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Community Assocations Institute - 
Northern Ohio Chapter

CAI is an international organization dedicated to building better communities, CAI provides information, education and resources to all community association stakeholders, including community managers and homeowner leaders. Our mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship—ideals reflected in communities that are preferred places to call home.

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Friday, June 17, 2022
Run, Hide, Fight: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event

No one wants to think about the possibility of being involved in a violent situation.  Finding yourself in such a situation can cause extreme panic and disorientation.  But if you know what to do ahead of time, your chances of surviving this type of emergency situation are greatly increased.


There is no single, correct response to an active shooter situation.  The actions you take must depend upon the specific details of the incident.  It is important for you to know your options and decide upon the correct course of action for yourself.  Run, Hide, Fight will provide in-depth information on how to create situational awareness so you are better equipped to handle an active shooter situation.


The Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association is an organization comprised of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and alarm & security personnel, and is the oldest crime prevention association in the State of Ohio. It has been the only crime prevention association to serve Miami Valley and continues to be the leader amongst regional association’s in Ohio.


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